So You Think You Can Spell?
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SPELL? Killer Quizzes for the Incurably Competitive and Overly Confident
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Errata in So You Think You Can Spell?




page 104  Spell the Plural

                13. bel-esprit should be bel esprit


page 205  Field Test 3: Natural Sciences

                Two of the three mc spellings are identical (and correct)

                Change a. aphelion to a. apheleon (to make it a misspelling)




page 231  Spelling Warm-Up 1

                3. a. should be 3. b. (mischievous)


page 235  Three-Word Quizzicles 16-20

                Nineteen ... 3. didgeridoo, didjeridoo (not djeridoo)


page 236  Say It and Spell It 3

                7. courturire should be couturire


page 237  Multiple Choice 4

                12. d should be 12. b (bathyscaphe)


page 239  One-Syllable Words

                12. myrhh should be myrrh


page 241  Spell the Plural

                9. anni mirabilis should be anni mirabiles

                13. beaux-esprits should be beaux esprits


page 248  -Os or -Oes

                22. fiascoes should be fiascoes, fiascos


page 248  Five-Word Quizzicles 28-30

                Thirty ... 2. mozzarrella should be mozzarella


page 249  Three-Word Quizzicles 71-75

                Seventy-five ... 3. lamasary should be lamasery


page 250  Five-Word Quizzicles 31-33

                Thirty-three  1. Phillipines should be Philippines


page 250  Spell For Your Supper

                "The corrected spellings are ... arugula (not arugala)


page 255  Field Test 2: Fine Arts

                16. b. cloisonne should be cloisonn


page 259  Killer Bee 1

                9. fuligenous should be fuliginous



There are nine misspellings: Phillipines (Philippines); myrhh (myrrh); mozzarrella (mozzarella); lamasary (lamasery); arugala (arugula); fuligenous (fuliginous); cloisonn
e (cloisonn); and anni mirabilis (anni mirabiles).
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