So You Think You Can Spell?
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SPELL? Killer Quizzes for the Incurably Competitive and Overly Confident
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Back-cover Quiz

Choose the correct spelling in each line:

1.  a. herculian  b. herculeian  c. herculaean  d. herculean

2.  a. passamentery  b. passementerie  c. passimenterie  d. passimentery

3.  a. strycknine  b. strichnine  c. strychnine  d. strichnyne

4.  a. tynitis  b. tinnitus  c. tinitus  d. tinitis

5.  a. bonnehommie  b. bonhommie  c. bonhomie  d. bonnehomie

6.  a. tamboureen  b. tamboreen  c. tamborine  d. tambourine

7.  a. quizling  b. quisling  c. quissling  d. quizzling

8.  a. centinnary  b. centennary  c. centenary  d. centenery

9.  a. aolian  b. aolean  c. aeolian  d. aolaean

10.  a. zigurat  b. zigurrat  c. ziggerat  d. ziggurat 

More from the Book

Here is a further sampling from the book. Circle or write in the correct spelling (except where otherwise indicated):

from Multiple Choice 11

a. nimiety   b. nemiety   c. nimmiety   d. numiety

from Say It and Spell It 2

NUN-kyu-pay-tiv ____________

(in law, oral rather than in writing)

from Field Test 2: Fine Arts

a. uraeus   b. eureus   c. ureus

(serpent  symbol of the ancient Egyptians)

from One-Syllable Words

FIZ ____________

(face or countenance)

from World Geography

a. Lichtenstein   b. Liechtenstein   c. Leichtenstein

from Doubled Letter or No

pasttime   pastime

from No, No, No – Yes! 1

These spellings are incorrect. Write in the correct one.

tattarsall  tatersall  tattersal 

Three-Word Quizzicle 18

jee-AHD-es-ee ____________

(mathematics branch dealing with the dimensions and shape of the earth)

thee-AHD-es-ee ____________

(defense of God’s goodness while acknowledging the existence of evil)

PLOOR-uh-see ____________

(membrane inflammation on the surface of the lung)

from Say It and Spell It 4

uh-PIS-kuh-put ____________

(hierarchy of bishops)

from Field Test 3: Natural Sciences

a. selinoddessy   b. selenodesy   c. selenoddesy

(study  and measurement of the moon’s surface and gravitational field)

from –Er or –Or 2

Complete the correct spelling by filling in the space with er or or.

extrapolat ___

from Two Words or One 1

sea bird   seabird

Five-Word Quizzicle 25

pas-TEESH ____________

(stylistic imitation or eclectic artistic composition)

PAST-ees ____________

(small meat pies)

puh-TIS-uh-ree ____________

(French pastry shop)

PAYS-lees ____________

(fabrics with a pattern of small curved figures)

pas-TEES ____________

(French anise-flavored liqueur)

from No, No, No – Yes! 3

These spellings are incorrect. Write in the correct one.

amarillus   ammarylus   amarylis

from Spell the Plural

What is the plural form of the word?

klezmer ____________

from Accent Mark or None

Place accent marks (or diacritics) where called for.


from Say It and Spell It 13

fa-ruh-SAY-iz-um ____________

(unctuous hypocrisy)

from Multiple Choice 14

a. jelignite   b. gelignite   c. gellignite   d. jellignite

(type of dynamite)

from Scrabbley Jumble

Rearrange the letters to form a word whose meaning accords with the definition.

ionsnaittrua ____________

(renovation or restoration)

from American Cities

a. Scheboygun   b. Scheboygan   c. Sheboygun   d. Sheboygan

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